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Pop Trivia Puzzle Raffle

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Hey, all!  My wife and I were brainstorming some ideas for generating traffic and came up with this- a "guess what this picture is" to go along with a raffle that we're holding.


I have collected some items from local businesses, as well as some handmade items, and I'm posting pictures of random things on our Facebook Page to generate some attention.  For example: attached was today's "puzzle piece": it's a small snippet of an image of Godzilla.


I created a Facebook Page for our team here: Oy with the Poodles Already, and ask that donors Message the Page to participate.  In this way we generate some links between people and the page, and I post the winner's name below the post for that session.


I could have developed a website for this, I suppose, but we're trying to keep things simple, so we chose Facebook.  I hope this has been helpful to someone!


George R.




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We've recently stopped the trivia for the purpose of adding entries into the raffle.  There was a post elsewhere about the legality of holding what would be called a "raffle" and didn't want to cause any legal problems for anyone.  The idea of adding entries for guesses made it more of a contest, also, which we'd need to explore to be sure that (in our state, anyways) we're not going into any dangerous legal territory.


The game now is just that: to give people who Like the Page something to see and participate in, and we're hoping for more participation in the future.

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