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Hi my name is Joe Delaney (Lethe Catena). I am new to the whole fund raising through gaming thing so I need a few suggestions.


I own a small store in a lower income area but want to do a game night for the children. I know it will be a low donation event so I plan to Twitch stream WoW and FFxiv while people table game (Warcraft Monopoly, SW Monopoly, Pathfinder, D&D Minis, YugiOh, Magic). I plan to start my event at 10 am Sept 23rd until 10 pm table top and sun again noon to 10 pm. Any suggestions on how I can better get the word out for me to increase donations. Also any suggestions on how to attract more for the stream. Highest I have ever gotten is 4 followers.

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Hey Lethe, welcome to the cause!


With regards to the event, having a donation jar for a re-roll/re-draw in games has been a success with some of the events I've been a part of.  As for getting the word out with regards to Twitch, I have found that the best way to get others involved in what you are doing is to utilize social media and become part of what others are doing.  A number of Twitch Streamers with strong communities have Discord channels where they have a channel dedicated to sharing what you are working on.


A big part of promoting a way to get donations is to focus not only on what we are doing, but why we do it.  Look at the Children's Miracle Network Youtube Channel for some amazing stories that are great ways to put faces to what Extra Life always has been about - the kids.


Further I'd recommend reaching out to some of the local media news stations and newspapers to get some coverage of the event.  Your local Children's Hospital is a great resource for media promotion.  


That's about all I've got off the top of my head.  All the best with your efforts!

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Further to Hansard, I'd double down on advertising, whether that be with your local media, social media, even going to other businesses and seeing if they'd partner with you to get the word out.


Unless you already have a big following on Twitch I do not recommend focusing your efforts on it. Your best bet is to get local people in your store. In the long run sure, build a follower base on Twitch and you will eventually get donations there. But that isn't a short-term plan if you have a major event coming up.

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