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August 31st meeting

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Hello everyone form the Capital District area. Just wanted to let everyone know that our next meeting will be on 8/31 at 6:30 pm. It was moved from 8/24 due to some unexpected events that came up with some of the members. Sorry for the short notice. Have a good one everyone. 

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Thank you @teslazapp for posting this up. 


We have A LOT to talk about.  While I might not be there in person, I will be there over the phone... I hope. You know how technology is. 




- Welcome

- What we have been up to? 

- Extra Life Game Days

- Change in Focus (Will go over this in detail at the meeting) 

- Satellite guild...  

- Adirondacon

- Online Meetups 

- In Person Meetups 

- Old business

- New business

-Close meeting 

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