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Day of Play group event idea

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I have an idea of something we could do for the Extra Life Day of Play as a group that I wanted to pitch at the monthly meeting, but I'm not going to be able to make it, so I'm going to post it here before it get lost in all the speedrunning notes I'm keeping in my head these days.


At the last European Speedrunners Assembly, they did a Super Mario 70-star speedrun but instead of just having one person or making it a regular relay, they had attendees who had never speedrun the game (or any game) before learn one star each and did a 70-person ProAm speedrun relay.  It was pretty spectacular and I'm jealous I hadn't come up with the idea myself.  Super Mario 64 by itself wouldn't cover 24 hours, even if none of us are speedrunners, but I was thinking of combining that idea with another Speedrunning relay -- the 602 relay, which is a biannual event where you collect every star and shiny from Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1 & 2.


No speedrunning experience would be needed for it (that makes it more fun), and Mario is familiar enough to everyone.  I figure depending on the numbers, we could trade the controller at each star, level, world, etc. and see how many of the 602 we could collect on game day.  Anyone who is looking for donation incentives or goals could be encourage to donate $X amount per star acquired.  I'm not sure how attainable all 602 would be in a 24-hour period (the average for a solo runner w/ some experience is around 24 hours), so if we want a goal that's more obtainable you could do a similar relay with the 2D mario games and per-level donation incentives instead. Super Mario 1-3, Lost Levels, Super Mario World 1&2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii/Wii U.  SMB3 and the Wii games all have 2-player or 2-4 player co-op modes built in, though they could all be completed solo. That selection of games, all done Warpless, should clock in under 24 hours, giving plenty of times for breaks, pitches, advertisements, and the like.


I think it would be a blast to do this as a group.  Mario is easy enough to pick up even for non-gamers and is family-friendly if we want to invite people to play who aren't in the Extra Life group. It's still a race to finish as many levels as we can, but it will be fun and pressure-free and non-competitive (unless someone wants to do team races?).  The only thing I don't have is a venue -- I don't have a ton of room and it's a shared space as it is.

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Hey @MyOhMyke,


Firstly sorry you won't be able to make the meeting. Hope to see you in September. 


I think it's an awesome idea. You could probably get a full team recruited to focus on a marathon of Mario. 

Have you considered some of the logistical problems? Presumably this would be on a single save, so you'd need to have everyone at the same location. 

Where would you host it, make sure it can handle the number of people involved? 

Would you want everyone there for the entire 24 hours, or take it in shifts? 

Are you planning on streaming it? If so make sure everyone involved will be comfortable on stream. 


This is one of those amazing ideas that needs a little bit of work to take a spark and turn it into a fun and successful fundraising event. 

In my experience, if you have some of the details fleshed out you'll get more people to sign-up. Everyone will say the idea is great, but telling them the what's/when's/etc. will get people to commit to participating. 


Good luck with it and keep posting updates and questions about it here. 

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