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Hello to all!

I know this is the first time in a few months that we've had official correspondence via the forum, but due to numerous life events involving multiple members of leadership, we've had a slow roll of it over the summer so far.  However, with August here and Game Day in November in sight and coming faster than we realize, we're looking to get another meeting set up between now and the end of August.


To break up the routine of meeting at CHW, I was thinking it would be fun to do a meetup at Crank Al's on North Ave in Tosa.  The pizza is awesome, and they're all about charity, so I'm sure they'll host us.  Before I pin down a date with them, I wanted to toss out a few options and see what works for the guild.  Do any days work for people between August 16th and August 19th?  We can't do our usual Sunday night there, as they don't serve pizza Sunday afternoon or evening, but I'm hoping we can make a day between Wednesday and Saturday work.


I will have a few agenda items, including Coulee Con updates (I'll also update the prior con post with more info), Board Game Barrister partnership opportunities (we have permission to run out of each of their locations, so that's huge for recruitment!), leadership updates, and a little bit more, and Ana also has some updates for us all.


If you could get me dates that work for a meeting via the forum, my email, or my cell phone, please do so by Wednesday, August 9th, so that I have time to get ahold of Cranky's and get a space reserved for our meeting.  If you haven't had their pizza yet, trust me, you will not be disappointed!


Looking forward to meeting with you all soon!




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Thanks for the suggestion, Stoy.  I was leaning towards Thursday, too.


Anyone else able to meet Thursday the 17th?

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Due to lack of responses, I am cancelling the meeting I had tentatively planned for tonight.  As soon as I can secure another date, I'll reach out again to see who is willing and able to participate.


Do certain nights work better for some?  Would you guys rather do a meeting via Google Hangouts or some other way?  I'm willing to do anything we can to try and get more than one or two people able to attend meetings, especially with Game Day rapidly approaching.

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