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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Stylish Souls-Like Immortal Planet Launches Today

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Tomasz Wacławek, the creator of the stylish, turn-based Ronin, has released a new game that draws heavily on Dark Souls while using an open, inviting aesthetic. Immortal Planet places players in the shoes of an ancient warrior who emerges from cryosleep with no memories only to find an entire planet full of immortal sentinels. In order to escape this tomb world, players will have to make use of spells, special items, and carefully timed attacks. Survival depends on unearthing as many mysteries and secrets as possible.




Wacławek describes Immortal Planet as “a love letter to Dark Souls” in that players will live, die, and repeat, but in a manner that's enjoyable. The main hook of this action RPG is the ability to see an enemy's stamina. Timing attacks when enemies lack stamina and are vulnerable is the key to succeeding in the frozen halls of Wacławek's world. Levels are designed with shortcuts and progression in mind, much like the Souls-Borne series, so players won't have to memorize entire areas by rote in order to make it through. 


Oh, and each area will feature a challenging boss that go through multiple transformations to truly test every player's mettle. 



Immortal Planet is available now on PC. 

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