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July 2017 - Guild Meeting

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This Month's Meeting: July 17 2017 - 7:30pm

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


This Month's Agenda :



  • Welcome new members



  • 227 Recruits signed up to play for sickkids

  • $2,968 USD for ELTO group

  • $18,367 Raised for SickKids

Leadership Survey

  • Thank you for everyone filling out the surveys over the last month. We are currently reviewing all of them and will get back to you shortly. We are excited to see everyone’s skills and talents are are hoping to get everyone more involved with mini projects and tasks. Thanks again for your patience.  


  • Overwatch Event [Yorkdale]

  •  July 15 10am  - 8pm

  • Recruits: 13 people

  • Found the community more supportive and engaging

  • Reaching out more to Peel and mississauga

  • Looking at doing more with Yorkdale & Square One

  • Twitch Event

    • July 29th

      • Set up at 5pm

      • Event start at 7pm

      • Raffle at 11:30pm

        • No 50/50

        • No Names on tickets

        • People must be present to win

    • Looking for Volunteers

  • LOL PC Event [Eaton Center]

    • August 19th

  • Fan Expo

  • Confirmed Booth Space

  • Looking for volunteers

  • Adventuring Zone

    • September 30th @ Lighthouse Labs

    • D&D and Board Games

    • Mini Tabletop Appreciation Day

    • Partnering up with 401 Games

    • Looking for volunteers

      • Floaters

      • Registration Table

      • Raffle

Canadian Wide Leadership call

  • Paypal

    • They are still working on the paypal option.

  • Canada is getting a new overarching brand Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundation

    • They will still being doing CMN Programs including Extra Life.

    • Allows for a bit more power and organization across canada for the Extra Life Program.

    • If you have any cross canada wide partnership ideas for them please let us know.  

  • Jess will bring up Airsoft involvement in discord chat

    • Could sign up to participate in Extra Life

    • Or we could go as a social

    • But doing a day in support might be less okay.

  • If anyone has anything they want brought up please let us know


  • 7 regular streamers

  • 1 streamers getting started

  • 3-4 other streamers interested

Hoodies/ T-shirts

  • Just collecting money then sending it in.

  • Should not take too long for them to come in

Extra Life TO Video

  • Ryerson Campus

  • September will be the filming time

  • Looking for volunteers to be interviewed about their story, why they extra life, their favourite moments

  • People who volunteered their names at the meeting will be connected with Alex.

Open Floor

Social Events for Guild Members

  • Mini Activity

    • Write ideas for social activities on popsicle sticks

    • We picked movie night as part of our next guild meeting

      • Every other guild meeting will be more serious

      • The other ones will be partnered with something more social and only important updates


Next Month's Meeting: August 21st 2017

Location: Raiders Esport Center 

RSVP: here

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