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Something that’s been floated in the guild several times is the idea of having a guild Role Playing Game campaign. I think this is a great idea and I have some suggestions/plans about how we should play.


We should use roll 20 and stream our play. For those who are unfamiliar, Roll 20 is a virtual tabletop platform that lets people play games like D&D online. We’re so spread out in the LA guild that physically meeting up for a RPG night would be really tough. Also its easier to stream stuff this way compared to trying to set up cameras wherever we might meet up


My second suggestion is that we play Dungeon World instead of an edition of D&D. I suggest this not because I have anything against D&D per se, but because Dungeon World is less intensive in terms of prep time. We have a bunch of D&D vets in the guild and at least two DMs but most of those folks are already involved in campaigns so asking them to take on another one will probably get us nowhere. Also Dungeon world was released under a creative commons license so we wouldn’t all need to buy the books to play. I’m including some videos of Dungeon World campaigns so that you guys can get a feel for the game.



Dungeon World on the fly


Goofy Version (Short)


Goofy Version (Long)


Finally I volunteer to DM/GM the campaign.

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@Vitalitycross, @Alana Luna, @layezazn, We can probably start playing next week if we can find a time that works for all of us. Tuesday and Wednesday nights work best for me but I can make other times work, if need be. Please, let me know what days/times work for you.

While we're figuring that out I've attatched PDFs of the main Dungeon World book and Character Sheets so you guys can start thinking about what class you'd like to play. Also I've built out a basic game set up in roll20 for us. Fair warning, you'll need to set up an account with roll20 to join the game, if you don't already have one.





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