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June 2017 - Guild Meeting

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Hey Everyone!  


This Month's Meeting: June 26 2017 - 7:30pm

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


This Month's Agenda :


  • Welcome new members

  • Little bit about what the guild does (Recruiting and building a local network and community)

  • Leadership Update

    • Erin is taking a sabbatical to focus on some personal things

    • We are looking for some extra help with things

    • Please fill out this form before July 7th



  • Rebuilding SickKids Hospital in 3 stages

  • VS Posters

    • If you have any ideas for VS posters or VS branded media please contact @Tara before July 7th.

  • Looking into rewards for active guild members

    • People who go above and beyond, volunteer a lot of their time to the guild, etc

    • Possibly give out rewards at 24 hr event

  • IT department will get back to us about what tools they have.

  • Partnerships: Tara has met with a rep that deals with Cineplex and Samsung.

    • They will reach out to them and see what things we can do.


  • 196 Recruits signed up to play for sickkids

  • $2,968 USD for ELTO group

  • $17,241 Raised for SickKids


  • Overwatch Event [Eatons Center]

    • Thank you to volunteers

    • Mini recap

  • Overwatch Event

    • Microsoft Yorkdale

    • July 15 10am  - 8pm

    • Need volunteers

  • Fan Expo

    • Applied for booth space

    • Looking for volunteers

  • Adventuring Zone

    • Table top rpg/board game event

    • September 30th

    • Looking for volunteers


Canadian Wide Leadership call

  • Paypal

    • A way for Canadian to pay in Canadian dollars

    • They are still working on options for the future

  • Added Processing fees to the donation page.

    • It cost CMN over $2million in processing fees.

    • Gives donors the options to help cover that.

  • Jess will bring up Airsoft involvement in discord chat

    • Might be able to do that they donate money to our team but we might have to promote it as a certain age event only.

  • If anyone has anything they want brought up please let us know


Website Update (Maria)

  • Maria contacted CMN about the website and some changes they can make to it.

  • If you have any ideas on how to improve the extra life website please email maria@extralifetoronto.com


  • 4 regular streamers

  • 4 streamers getting started

  • 3-4 other streamers interested

Hoodies/ T-shirts

  • Bex has some updates on order forms

  • Please fill out this link if you want any before July 7th

Extra Life TO Video

  • Looking for guild members to interview in September

  • Video will focus on what the guild does

  • Looking for people to help with filming (audio assistance, etc.)

Upcoming Projects

Social Events for Guild Members

  • Jess is going to create a survey for some ideas on social events people would be interested in doing.

  • Want to include how often and types of events as discussion points in the survey.

Open Floor

Game Day Event

  • Thoughts on doing a 12 hours event versus a 24 hours

    • The team wants to do a 24 hour event.

    • We should eliminate number of roles for volunteers.

      • Can focus on what we do best.

      • Have small shifts for front door

      • Don’t need as many volunteers

      • Close raffle at certain time over night.

  • Thoughts on doing it before game day?  

    • Team wants to do it on game day

Next Month's Meeting: July 17th 2017

Location: Raiders Esport Center 

RSVP: here

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