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Naomi N. Lugo

Gaming News:Live Like You're In Persona 5 With Fan-Made Messaging App

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So real life messaging can be a little boring. Typically we're stuck with white screens, a standard font with an occasional emoji. Well, Android users now have the option to add a little flavor to their messaging setup with Persona 5 IM App


The app allows for users to replace their factory messaging system with one similar to the in-game styling. It's capable of everything you're used to while messaging like viewing, sending, receiving, deleting messages as well as receiving notifications. Apparently there are also different color settings.


At the time of this article's publication, the reviews for it are averaging at 4.7. It does, however, come with the following disclaimer, "installing this app does not make you a Phantom Thief, will not give you special powers and will not force you to go to bed early every night."

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