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Naomi N. Lugo

Gaming News:The First Ever Pokemon GO Fest Live Event is Sold Out Already

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Alongside the quick reveal of a major update to its gyms, and announcement for the Solstice Event, Pokémon GO also set the stage for their first ever live get together: Pokémon GO Fest. The celebration will commemorate the first anniversary for the mobile game and takes place July 22 at Grant Park in Chicago.


At the event, attendees will be fully immersed in the augmented digital Pokémon world through day-of perks. These include an increase in Pokémon sightings "including some that have never been seen before in Grant Park." Also, there will be challenges banding trainers around the globe together, the ability to unlock an exclusive Pokémon GO Fest Chicago medal (in-app only), "special" PokéStops, and team lounges. 


Tickets went live on June 19 and sold out in less than an hour. Niantic assured that the unfortunate souls unable to attend "will still be able to participate in rewards unlocked at the event." Tickets went for $20 each, but many are being upsold for significantly more


Do you still play Pokémon GO? Were you lucky enough to get a ticket to the event?

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