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June Guild meeting Agenda

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June 1st, 2017 Meeting Agenda


  1. Welcome New Members

  2. Game night last night

    1. Thanks for coming out!

  3. Upcoming Events:

    1. O Comic Con – July 7th - 9th

      1. Will publish sign up sheet soon

      2. Need to sign up early or you wont get a badge, we wont have general badges this year

    2. Tune in 4 Kids

      1. August, Guild will be a part of it

      2. More info to come

    3. Storm Chasers

      1. Anyone interested in setting up at a game/

    4. Anyone have an events coming up we should look at?

  4. Other News

    1. Game Shoppe

      1. Approached us about doing regular events at their stores

      2. Possibly a game night?

    2. Open Discussion

  5. Next Meeting

    1. July 6th, 7pm

    2. Most likely at DoSpace

  6. Thanks for coming!

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That looks like a really busy agenda!


With regards to the Game Shoppe events, I think doing a "Guild Game Night" would be great and allow us to do all sorts of cool games and bring people out to say hi and partake in the fun!

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