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Thank you so very much to our wonderful volunteers who helped to staff this event!  Our team for the weekend was @Ceraph1216, @NodnarbDude, @Taco_Girl@LittleSith and myself.


Our final results for the two days were 13 unique new Extra-Life sign-ups!  Several of these sign ups were for Baltimore, but there was a surprisingly wide travel area among competitors in the event (including someone from Brazil).  We had approximately .6 sign-ups per hour for each hour our table/booth was open at the event.  Since on average each sign up results in $100 raised, we can approximate that our efforts this weekend raised $1300 for Extra Life, approximately $200 of which was for our local hospital.  


The top five traffic hours were 9 AM - 12 PM, 1 PM - 3 PM, and 6 PM - 7 PM.  There were too many no traffic hours to justify a worst 5 hours list, however it is safe to say that the second day's traffic of the event did not warrant our presence.  The low sample size may mean that the traffic information is not externally valid for similar events.  If we do other events with SCG, we may seek to only attend on the first day; however, it may be worth doing at least one other event, possibly in the DC market, with both days just to see if this result will be reproduced.


Despite relatively unimpressive sign-ups below a goal of 24 sign ups or approximately 2% of the total attendees, this was enormously successful for the "brand" of Extra Life.  We put our name out there, built some relationships, and gave out a TON of brochures to people who were afraid to commit.  The few people we did sign up were highly engaged and wanted to take Extra Life back to their play groups and game shops to get others to join them.  I personally did some networking that could be very beneficial locally and may even result in some good things happening on a regional level.  It was absolutely worth attending, and I hope that Star City Games will allow us to attend some of their other upcoming events.


Strategies used for this event:

  • short display loop
  • tablet app sign up
  • loose giveaways (no win/participation needed)



  • plenty of space
  • targeted audience
  • power
  • location was good for visual exposure
  • staff announcer mentioned us during presentation



  • overall foot traffic 
  • candy was not effective at all and did not interest this crowd, and most of it went to BCC and security staffer who pocketed handfuls at a time


Volunteer Feedback from Post-Event Survey:

  • shift length ok, but perhaps a little long
  • most volunteers found interactions between volunteers or with attendees enjoyable
  • level of engagement from attendees was very good
  • should not staff second day in the future
  • strategies aside from human interaction and tablet use were not especially effective
  • we need a new way to drive traffic to the table at this sort of event, but it can't be disruptive
  • most volunteers felt we were effective as a team
  • most volunteers felt that it is worthwhile to work with SCG or similar events again
  • it was beneficial to speak with people that may not have otherwise heard of us


You are all welcome to add any comments you have in response, and thank you again for helping to support this event!  I believe it will be slow going with tabletop and trading card events for a while, but our sustained efforts could have a big impact on Extra Life as a whole, not just our local hospital!


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Thanks again for everyone who came out to help at this event, and an extra special thank you to our first time volunteers! I hope this was a good experience for you to learn a bit about what staffing tables is like without being overwhelmed at a large scale event. Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help us get the word out about Extra Life!

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 Great team effort guys! I agree with Sarah that it may be slow going for a bit at some of these but i think the results will be Awesomesauce!  Way to go Extra Life Bmore Guild! Woot woot! 

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