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Anchorage Guild Meeting 05/25/2017

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Agenda 05/25/17

  • Welcome & Introductions
    • Were half way through 2017. Time to start doubling down our efforts.
  • What is the Anchorage Extra Life Guild
    • We are a group of passionate gamers from Alaska that strongly believe and support the Extra Life movement. As members of the Guild it our responsibility to drive awareness of and participation in Extra Life. It is also important to remember why we participate in Extra Life. Every dollar we raise goes to life saving treatments for the kids at The Children's Hospital at Providence.
  • Totals
    • In 2014, 559 gamers participated to raise $31,048.00
    • In 2015, 843 gamers participated to raise $97,622.00
      • We also received generous donations from GCI for $50K and the EFF for $30K
    • In 2016, 485 gamers participated to raise $42,373.00
  • Goals for 2017
    • Current Progress: 96 Participants have raised $4,422.
    • In 2017, we would like to have 800 gamers participate to raise $100,000.
  • Recap of recent events
    • Any recruitment opportunities that anybody has to talk about our success or progress?
  • Upcoming Recruitment Events/Opportunities
    • It is very early in the year, but if we get started early we can improve are participation numbers.
    • Any recruitment opportunities coming up that we can/should be a part of?
  • Guild Recruitment
    • Future meeting dates/times - Usually the last Week of the month 7pm-8:30pm
      • Hospital conference room will be used when available
      • Is this still a good time to meet?
    • How can we engage other people to be excited about Extra Life and the Guild?
  • Building Relationships with other Guilds
    • How can we reach out to the other guilds?
    • What should we look for in partnership with other guilds?
    • Guild Nights on the Official Extra Life Channel.
      • The stream team and guild involvement is not intended for fundraising but awareness, though mentioning your campaign once or twice during the stream is allowed.
  • Guild Leadership
    • Work in Progress
  • Guild Entertainment Committee
    • The Entertainment Committee plays a vital role in keeping things fun. The committee should focus on fun, social events for the guild. This can be anything from movie nights to mini-golf, Board Games to Go kart racing. Any opportunity for the guild to get together, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company is what we’re looking for.  No fundraising, recruiting, or “Official” Extra Life business necessary. Just fun! Make sure your officers know your plans so they can add it to the guild calendar.
  • Guild Information
  • Tools and Resources
    • Guild Toolkit and Media Toolkit- Available online for anyone to use.
      • includes banners, table covers, booth features, elevator speech, general info, flyers, postcards, logos, FB banners
      • The hospital has a banner for us to use at events that we attend.
    • 2 apps available on both iPhone and Android
    • Links are now posted in the FB Event.
    • 907Gamers has a lot of media that we can use on Youtube and Facebook.
  • Open discussion
    • Questions?
    • Concerns?
  • Measurable Goals
    • Share our success!
    • Bring 1 new person to the guild meeting.
    • Recruit 5 new "players" to participate.
    • Share at least once on one form of social media.
    • Talk to a local business about who we are and what we do.

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