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May 2017 - Guild Meeting

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Hey Everyone!  


This Month's Meeting: May 29 2017 - 7:30pm

Location:  Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON

RSVP: here


This Month's Agenda :



  • Welcome new members

  • Little bit about what the guild does (Recruiting and building a local network and community)



  • 172 Recruits signed up to play for sickkids

  • $2,770 USD for ELTO group

  • $15,209 Raised for SickKids

Twitch Event Review

  • Raised $800~ CAN

Tabletop Day Review

  • Raised $1250 CAN

  • Events in Toronto and Elmvale

Anime North Review

  • Raised $245 CAN

  • Recruited 10 people

  • Made a bunch of good connections

Canadian Wide Leadership call

  • Guild leaders are a call once a month

  • Will bring and tips or idea from them to the guild

  • If anyone has anything they want brought up please let us know


  • Our connection at Microsoft is working on tying extra life efforts across the border and across Canada.

  • If anyone has any ideas on how the partnership between extra life and Microsoft can work please let us know at admin@extralifetoronto.com


  • Started a schedule to get our twitch page active

  • Featuring guild members and local streamers that raise money for SickKids

  • Family friendly content, in the hopes to raise a few donations for our streamers

  • If you are looking at getting involved with streaming please email jess@extralifetoronto.com

Upcoming Events

Overwatch Event

  • Microsoft Eaton’s Center

  • June 10 10am  - 8pm

  • Need volunteers

  • Henchmen Studios is doing a special giveaway

Upcoming Projects

Guild Member Highlight

  • Edmonton did a great highlight feature. We would love to do something similar to highly our wonderful members.

  • Feedback seemed super positive

  • Survey for people to fill out will be made

Feedback on RP/Training

  • Tips and tricks on how to ask for donations

  • If they don’t feel like doing role playing what else do they want to do

    • Videos? One page list? Written speech?

  • 10 Question test before they are able to volunteer to make sure they know about extra life

  • Talking points updated per event. (Upcoming events or special points they want people to bring up at the booth)

  • Rewards for volunteering

Open Floor

Fan Expo

  • Our members are on the fence about if going to the con is worth the time and money.

  • Suggested for future years to partner up with an event or panel to attract and engage people in alternatives then a booth

Game Day Event

  • Maybe having mini events across the city/ surrounding areas

    • We worry about the lack of number of volunteers

    • Unless we can make partnerships where they will run the event for us.

  • Highlighting different local events that are raising money for it. (maybe not 24hrs)

Other Outreach

  • Have some of our members reach out to other communities to target different audiences

  • Social media hashtag? (#extralifeto or something that focuses sickkids and local gamers) Get it trending might bring traffic to our twitter account.

  • Few new locations for events and socials to look into. If anyone has ideas please do some research and send us an email or post on the forums.

Staying Connected

  • Google does give out free space and emails to non profit groups

    • Tara is going to look into what sickkids has and how we can get involved.

Hoodies/ t-shirts

  • We are doing another order of clothes

  • We will be posting a link to an order form

  • Pick up will only be local within a certain time period.


  • Looking into if we can send postcards, postcards or a booth in the hospital

  • Sickkids Activators  going to look into if we can team up with someone or get involved in some way



Next Month's Meeting: June 26th 2017

Location: Raiders Esport Center 

RSVP: here

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Im hoping i can actually come to a meeting for once, and finally meet everyone aha. I think i can make this one!

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