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First off…  My apologies for failing to create the proper calendar events for the meeting.  I just assumed the EventBrite emails were enough to let everyone know about the kickoff meeting.

Here are the meeting notes from Tuesday’s monthly meeting.


  • Kelly, Marcus, Steven, Andrew, Ross, Chris, Sarah, Missy, Jimmy, Tyler, Quauhtli, Nan, Charlie, Krista, Erin, Brendan, Hana (new attendees in bold!!)

Guild Kickoff

  • Leadership:  President – Ross Ledford; Vice President – Marcus Summers; Secretary – Steven Sober

  • Hospital Representatives: Keri Christianson, Kelly Partner (covering why Keri is on maternity leave)

  • Marcus gave a short presentation on what the guild is and how it functions in conjunction with the overall Extra Life effort.

Fundraising/Recruitment Update

  • Recruitment Recap:

    • 2014:     Goal – 400; Actual – 670

    • 2015:     Goal – 450; Actual – 625

    • 2016:     Goal – 751; Actual – 652

    • 2017:     Goal – 750; YTD – 107

  • Fundraising Recap:

    • 2014:     $46,415

    • 2015:     $92,135

    • 2016:     Goal - $110K; Actual - $111, 284

    • 2017:     Goal - $125K; YTD - $4,853

  • Extra Life Overall Fundraising:

    • 2014:     $6,100,000

    • 2015:     $8,361,187

    • 2016:     $9,695,148 -$30M overall!!!

Extra Life United

  • I gave a presentation summarizing ELU this year.  United is an Extra Life event that coincides with the Children’s Miracle Network Annual Momentum convention.  Along with sponsors and supporters, one CMN child from each state, Puerto Rico, and Canadian province are chosen as “champions” to attend with their families.  I had the opportunity to meet some of these inspirational kids, watch them in a medal ceremony, and even play some video games with them.

  • The Extra Lifers attending ELU participate in a two-day tournament sponsored by Twitch with an assist from Microsoft.  There were 12 games total (six video games and six board games) and each participant could compete in six games total.  There was a prize pool of $150K plus an extra $10K from Microsoft that players could earn towards their designated CMN hospital.  (I won $100 playing Rocket League for Duke!)

Recent Events Summary

  • (I don’t remember us covering these in the meeting but just for kicks here they are…)

  • Playthrough Gaming Convention – Held in late February.  I’m not sure how many signups but fun times!

  • Oak City ComicCon – Held in mid-March.  Again, a lot of fun but I don’t have an exact signup number.

Last Month Action Items

  • The first friendly reminder to sign up for this year’s campaign, and customize your donation page with a picture and story about why you participate in Extra Life.  You can set up schedules to post to Twitter and Facebook automatically.

Hospital Update

  • Kelly shared a story and video about how Duke Children’s is using 3D printers to map out intense MRI images of patient hearts.  The technology is being used to build 3D heart models (some as small as a dime) of each patient’s unique heart to study and analyze vessels and flow in order to decide the best course of action or surgery.  The 3D models shown in the video were very cool!!

Future Events

  • April 18-20 – East Coast Games Conference – This is held during the day time.  Anyone who is interested and available to volunteer PLEASE let us know in the forums or Facebook!!


  • New for 2017:

    • Social Media:

      • Public Facebook Page – facebook.com/extraliferdu

      • Twitter Account – @extraliferdu

    • “Tools of the Trade”:

      • Community Forums – community.extra-life.org

      • Extra Life App – iOS, Android, Facebook

      • Extra Life Recruitment App – iOS, Android

    • 2017 Marathon:

      • This year’s main event will be held on November 4th, and will once again be 25 hours due to the clock’s falling back an hour.


That’s it guys and girls!  As always feel free to comment if you have questions or concerns!!



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