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MKE/MAD Guild Roster

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In order to better organize our efforts as a Guild, below is a roster of active members.

To maintain active membership within the guild, you simply need to contribute to at least one guild activity within a 60 day window.

Examples of "guild activity" are:

  • Visiting the forums and partaking in discussion
  • Attending a guild meeting (includes virtual attendance)
  • Attending a recruitment event
  • Posting a recruitment report from your own event (Friday Night Magic, Etc)


By no means is this meant to single people out or isolate them, but rather to keep track of where we are as a Guild. We understand that everyone has a different level of time available to commit to the Guild's efforts, but we do need to hold members accountable as outlined in the Guild Handbook and Expectations.


(Please note this list is incomplete while I gather names and handles since I don't know everyone yet!)


MKE/MAD Extra Life Guild Roster

Updated 04/03/2017 10:00pm CDT


Guild Leadership:

  • Ryan Nelson @nelsrm21 - Guild President
  • Joshua Easton @Novus'Olm -  Regional Support (Fox Valley)
  • Ana Olsen @AOlsen - Special Events Coordinator, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin MKE


Guild Members:



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Hi Joshua - this is great! Would you say this is still an accurate roster of guild members?


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