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Extra Life 2017 Kickoff Event

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Hey everybody, just wanted to remind you all that the Extra Life 2017 kickoff event is THIS Saturday, April 1st, at 12pm at Johns Hopkins Children's Center! We'll have a short presentation and then have board games available for people to play. Some of the patient families will also be stopping by so it will be a great chance to get to meet some of the kids who benefit from Extra life! Be sure to bring any board games you want to play (but please make sure they are family friendly :)). 


Thanks for being such an awesome guild and I hope to see everyone there!
~ Drew

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Absolutely! The kickoff is a good event for first timers because we go over what it's like be involved in a guild, but it is by no means necessary. There is no formal guild membership process, being a guild member really is just about attending meetings and events in whatever capacity you are able. We don't expect every member to make it to every event, and we're very grateful for whatever time you can give!


If you would like to know more about Extra Life guilds in general or the Baltimore guild specifically, just let me know and I'd be happy to go into more detail.

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