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March 2017 Meeting Notes

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March 5th Meeting
Tony - P
Chris - VP
Thaine - S
Joe M
Tina Wirth/Dan Wirth + Kids


Officers speak 

Tony, Chris, Thaine spoke about all the work we've done this year and how far we've come.
Social Media - Facebook - Twitter - Snapchat
Were going to start using these all more, and we have access to all of them.  If you have any pictures, info, comments, etc pass them onto us! We can use them for our social media accounts :)
Netwar (Recruiting Event) - (March 31st - April 1st, 2017) Friday - Saturday
Raffle tickets - We'll have something to give away!
Sign up here:
Other recruiting
pretzcon in april

anime nebraskon august 18th

make offutt better
Meet up chance (Our First Social Event)
jurassic putt march 26th 1pm
Sign up (and more info) here:


Talked with Nebraskon about possibly doing a stand alone event.

We took our 2017 Guild picture

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18 hours ago, Jmorris411 said:

You forgot the big news

At the meeting we couldn't publicly say the big news...If we can...I can post it...

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