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Outreach Schedule from March till mid-May

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I hope everyone enjoyed that short Florida winter. Now that March has rolled around, we are getting ready for outreach season! We could really use the helping hands of our local Extra Lifers in the coming months.

Our CMN Director will be getting a page up on our local site with more info concerning the Kickoff, available leadership opportunities, and the schedule for the year soon. In the mean time, I wanted to give our tentative schedule from now until about Free Comic Book Day (May 6th). 

What we really need right now are for volunteers during the week of March 20th. I am going to be all over the place that week and definitely need the team to step up, so I can possibly get a night or two of work in that week.


Thursday (March 23) is The Science of Cosplay at MOSH, and we'll need 2 or 3 volunteers for the table there, as I have to be available for The Elements Board that night.

My big ask is Collective Con. I can be there on Fri and Sun, but The Elements has a river clean up event in partnership with St. John's Riverkeeper on Saturday that I need to attend. It's in the morning and I could come to Collective later in the afternoon to finish off the night if needed. Or if you guys wanted to take the entirety of Saturday or Sunday, that would be most wonderful.

Please take a look at your schedules and see when and where you could do a few hours, as that week is going to be similar to that of the two weeks surrounding Free Comic Book Day last year. Also, if you're available for any of the other events here, please leave your availability here! Thanks guys!


  • March 21st - Kickoff @ GLHF Game Bar
  • March 23rd - MOSH After Dark: The Science of Cosplay (tentative)
  • March 24th to 26th - Collective Con
  • April 1st - Mandarin Mini Con 5
  • April 9th - Cos Con Jax (tentative)
  • April 29th - International Table Top Day (researching a place to be)
  • May 6th (Free Comic Book Day) - Beaches Comic Con at Beaches Library
  • Willowbranch Comic Con (tentative, in need of volunteers to be here for the day)

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