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**Extra Life Orlando Guild Official 2017 Game Day Brainstorm**

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Hey everyone! This year we want to start this process early so we can be sure everything is planned and ready to go for our Guild gameday this year. The location and exact day will remain TBD for now, however we can all start planning what we want this day to look like. Should we have people going 24 hrs? 12 hours? What games do we have there? Should we accept donations and do a raffle? Should we provide food?


These and many more are things we can discuss here to plan a fantastic event for the Orlando area. While planning will be happening over the next couple months, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts now. Thank you!


EDIT:  I should reiterate that this is currently a "just start spitting out ideas" phase and we will all curate them later. Assume the location will have enough room for at least 30 people and will have a solid internet connection.

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Just copying some ideas from the event I ran at FIS last year:

1. Provide food, drink snacks

2. Invite kids from Arnold Palmer Hospital and their families to come by and play

3. Costumes are a plus

Other Ideas:

1. Maybe form several teams and each team does 24 hours of gaming split between its members.

2. Encourage guild members that aren't going to participate during the 24 hour stream to come and support their fellow guild members. The more folks, the more positive vibes and motivation.

3. Research whatever the hottest game is going to be and start building up a twitch fanbase.

4. VR is going to be very big this year, if any of have access to any vr gear we should definitely incorporate it into the event.

5. Card/Board/Video game tournaments

6. Live broadcast/podcast leading up to and during the event.

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