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2017 Extra Life Morgantown Guild / Updates

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Hello fellow West Virginia Extra Lifers!


Be on the lookout for a possible Guild Kickoff in April 2017, I'll get more information and post once I have it. On the topic of posting on the forums. Let's get posting on setting up game nights on games like Minecraft, Ark, Halo, name a game. Some of you reading if you happen to be near Clarksburg, WV that's a plus for at least me and some fellow Extra Lifers in within West Virginia. One place I'd like to start holding meetings in-person each month of course is at Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming Clarksburg, which is located at the mall.

This location is great since you'll be able to play Magic and check out many other awesome things the store has to offer. You'll also be seeing time to time myself and others recruiting to sign people up for Extra Life at this location.


How much did we raise for 2016? Last year, we raised over $25,000. This is more than the year before! GREAT JOB! This helped obtain 7 cameras and a secure server for the NICU!

Stay tuned for details in this forum for those that read for our upcoming online meeting, which will be held on Discord. I know lately we've been lacking on some meetings, but when all us leaders can't open up the free time since our jobs have been weird in hours. It's finally a slow down time, which we can pick up and talk, plans out the upcoming conventions within West Virginia. As well as helping with the Pitt. PA guild at Tekko.

As per the event at Tekko, so far at least the VP, Sec. and I will most likely be helping at Tekko along with @K8Morosky. If you'd like to help please contact K*8 or I. The event is this April.

Well until then, expect another post in the coming days from me about the time and link to the Discord.

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