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Hey everyone, I know game day is still months away but I wanted to get a feel for how others will be taking part. For those of you that didn't make it out to the CoverMyMeds office last year, we had a small group playing one of the many games in the space. We've got somewhere around 45 games in the office and I have another 30-40 or so at home. My plan for this year is to do 25 hours of board gaming with anyone that wants to show up. If I can figure out the logistics (our network is being locked down a bit tighter this year), I'd also like to stream it.


When we play games at CoverMyMeds, we track them in NemeStats so I was thinking that we'd make a new group in NemeStats and track all of the games for game day. I'm thinking that I can get everyone to chip in to some sort of prize pool, whether that's "Donate what you want" or "$25 per head" or some other system. At the end of the 25 hours, whoever has the most points gets the prize pool money donated to their campaign. If we get enough people (probably more than 8?), we can split the pool and have two (or more) groups with the winner of each group getting their portion of the prize pool.


As of right now, I know I could probably play 25 hours of Betrayal at House on the Hill and we'd probably do 20 or so haunts. That being said, I will probably mix it up with other games that can support however many players we have in a given group. Longer games like Scythe, Small World, or Orcs Must Die: The Board Game could go over well.


Does anyone else have any ideas, even if they are just in the early stages?

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