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This is where we begin!

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Hey gamers,


My son and I have started sharing our gaming experiences on YouTube in June 2016 and I have been using this as a way to provide family-friendly entertainment and to "gamify" important life lessons such as proper planning, internet etiquette, overcoming adversity, building confidence, etc. and so far, it's been an amazing adventure! The week after Christmas after a recording session, he came to me and said that he asked if we could give the money that we are making from the platform to the community, more specifically to help children that are fighting for their lives. What really touched me from his behavior was that for a 7-year old, thinking of giving back instead of asking for a new video game or something that he may be able to play with was incredible! Since he asked and one of our core family values is the importance of helping our peers by giving back, I have looked into what we could plan together for children. And I have found After researching, looking at the videos that explained the history behind this beautiful movement and community, I knew that this was the one that we were going to do it for. More importantly, the ability to help a local foundation made it even more special!


We have been planning this event for a few weeks now and I have found myself feeling so rewarded for the amount of time that I have put through promoting the event, getting some game development studios sponsor us with some game keys to giveaway, making graphics for shirts and even wrist bands, spreading the word to get people from all over the world to watch and encourage us... this is a calling that's been dormant within me that I'm excited to begin and repeat throughout the year.


Enough blabbering, on to the important stuff. We are doing this even on January 27th. We are starting at 6pm EST and we are going for the full 24-hours. Of course, the little one won't be there for the entire duration but there will be scheduled events where he will be joining me for some good fun. If any of you are interested in joining us by watching, here are the details;








If YOU want to come and watch or simply want to extend the reach by sharing this post, it would be tremendously appreciated. The more people we can have, the more donations that we can get for this amazing cause, the better! If you want to support our effort, you can also check out our donation page and/or our event wrist bands! They are $5 (USD) each and $2 from each sale will be donated to the charity.


Donation page:

Event Wrist bands:


Although we have streamed in the past and we are very comfortable with the technical "behind the scenes" stuff, if you have any best practices from your previous experiences, please share them, we'd like to know!


Hoping to be able to make a difference!




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heya! somehow missed this thread until now :/ hope your stream went well! followed you on Beam, btw.


we've got our next guild meeting on Tuesday the 18th at the Blurry Pixel on Queen Street at 7PM if you'd like to join us! <3

(we'll also be at Comiccon if you want to talk to some of the core team as well and can't make it out next week)

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Hey, sorry about missing this reply as I was away for a business trip to China. I would love to come meet the team next time you have a meeting. I am planning another event at the end of June and with the increased growth that we've received over the past few months, I'd like to know if there's anything more that I can do to make this another success! 





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