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Incentivizing Donations with Stream Shenanigans

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Hey everyone,

My name is Connor, last year I participated for the first time by streaming my participation of a 24 hour marathon session, and raised more than I expected.
This year I'm trying to improve on that experience by offering up donation milestones, a spectacle, task, or condition every $500 or so, to incentivize donations.

I've reached out to friends for suggestions which resulted in the work-in-progress list below, and would love to hear any input you may have.


$500 - highest donor can pick a game I'll play for no less than 2 hours (must be PC, if occurs during marathon stream must be something I can download on the spot)
$1000 - I will drink a shot of hot sauce and say "I'm a spicy boy"
$1500 - TBD

$1965 - I have to play Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Band on repeat for the remainder of the marathon

$2000 - I will wax my legs on stream 


If you have any suggestions for additional tasks, or any other advice for someone still new to this event, please let me know.



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I stole an idea from Gnomedic and did a stream where donations for a certain amount I'd karaoke a song on stream. It was a lot of fun and I raised maybe $50 over the stream. So I might do more of those.

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If you're strapped for ideas, you could always ask your viewers what they'd like to see you do. After all, they're the ones you're trying to entertain.


Now I myself am more of a watcher than a streamer, but here are a few milestone rewards I've seen and enjoyed:

  • Worse for Wear: dress up in a silly costume or onesie.
  • Dance Your Cares Away: Play a dancing game for a set period of time
  • Eat It Up: Try other foodie challenges like drinking syrup, eating 6 saltines without water, drink Coke with Mentos in your mouth, etc.
  • Bad Hair Day: Shave your head or your eyebrows or dye your hair a crazy color.
  • Clown Face: Have someone apply makeup to you - preferably someone who has no experience with makeup like a child.
  • Pie in the Sky: Get hit in the face with a whipped cream pie.
  • No Pain No Gain: Put a ridiculous amount of rubber bands or clothespins on your face (Be really careful though, you could injure yourself.) 
  • Training Montage: Do a crazy amount of pushups, or burpees, or other difficult exercises. (Also use caution with this - no one wants to see you seriously hurt.)


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I did four fundraising milestones in 2015 and they were really successful. Here's the text directly from my 2015 page.



Milestone REWARDS!

OK, it's time to make things interesting. With only a few days before Extra Life and 30% of my goal left to raise, I've added some milestone rewards that everyone can look forward to: 

At $2,250 raised: 10 random supporters get to choose a game that I play for 30 minutes. - ACHIEVED!!

Some might choose a game for us to play together. Some will want to have a laugh and watch me play some ridiculously hard or embarrassing title. As long as the games can be installed on a modern PC or can be played on the Wii U, I'll end up playing five total hours of game requests. 

At $2,500 raised: I will sport a colored mohawk for game day and for one week afterwards. - ACHIEVED!! 

I've been growing my hair out (well much more than I have in a long time) and should have enough for a short, spiky mohawk. In addition, every person who has supported me with a donation gets to vote on what color it will be.  

At $2,750 raised: I will eat a full habanero pepper and not drink or eat anything else until I complete the first 15 levels of Super Meat Boy. - ACHIEVED!!

I have zero tolerance for anything spicy so this should be pretty entertaining. If we hit this milestone, you get to witness me suffer through hell playing one of the hardest platform games out there.  The first 15 levels are pretty easy, but they add up to about 2 minutes of play if all completed on the first try.   

At $3,000 raised: I will play one hour of Just Dance 2014, in a Bread costume. - ACHIEVED!!

Not much more to say about this one. :)

I will complete all of the milestone rewards live on game day. You can tune in the day of, or you can watch the archived version of the stream on my Twitch or YouTube accounts.


The Just Dance milestone reward was the best because everyone tuned in for it and gave me more donations for song requests and to keep me dancing for more than an hour. 


And here are the videos for some of the challenges. :)




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One thing that I did this past year that I found a lot of success with was having my donors mess with me via donations and not just milestones. I played FFXV and had a wheel that I would spin that would ban something like a weapon, magic, items, etc. every time a $37 dollar donation was made. At $50, I couldn't use the camping/rest feature for an in-game night. I also had a counter at $10 to spin a wheel that gave a chance to remove a ban.


It was wildly successful, especially because I had friends that would come in to mess with me and then try to save me.


One thing I'm considering this year is playing Mass Effect and having a tug-of-war battle with donations to play as Paragon or Renegade.


That's all a long way of saying, look beyond just the milestones!

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