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Alright, the link is below.


Right now the Terraria server is live, the URL is ExtraLifeServer.playat.ch.

Right now the Minecraft server is live, but if you're good with multiverse please inform me and give ideas so the worlds and ideas can be added to the server. For the time being you can spawn into Creative, Survival, Plot World, then I have to commands you can type in to chat that teleport you to Skyblock or Acid Island. The link is also ExtraLifeServer.playat.ch to access that as well.

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On 6/27/2017 at 7:19 PM, H2OAcidic said:

Hello Everyone!


Sorry, been quite busy per my day job. As of today SERVER is live, but still a work in progress that I'd love to have some of you help with too. I also had to sign some contracts with the host since they are providing the sever for Extra Lifers and public to use.

Also, BONUS!!! The host has also setup a server for those of you that play Terraria for Extra Lifers too!!!!

Just got the email and uploading the Zip file for the server and they are turning on Terraria server for me. Please message me for the IP or URL to access servers for either game. You may share with others if they can help get the server in working order in terms of other places and more.


Thank you @H2OAcidic!


I might be able to hop onto Terraria tonight even!

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