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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:EVE: Valkyrie Moves to Unreal Engine 4, Adds Some Battlestar Galactica

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CCP's EVE Online Fanfest event began today, leading to several important announcements regarding EVE: Valkyrie, the Oculus-enabled space dogfighting sim.


First, CCP revealed that Valkyrie would be switching over from Unity development to Unreal Engine 4. The move was doubtlessly motivated by the game engine's drastic change in monetization which made developing much more affordable. That means we can expect Valkyrie to look even better than it does now, which is an impressive prospect.


The second bombshell came in the form of Katee Sackhoff, the actress who portrayed space-pilot Starbuck in the Battlestar Galactica reboot from 2004. Sackhoff has agreed to step into the cockpit once again in the starring role of Rán, the leader of the Valkyrie fighter pilots.


“The first time I played EVE: Valkyrie I immediately knew I had to be a part of it,” said Sackhoff. “Even with the roles I have played, it is the closest I have ever felt to being a real spaceship pilot. It is a truly transformative video game experience.”


“Katee is the perfect actor to bring Rán to life,” added Owen O’Brien, executive producer for EVE: Valkyrie at CCP. “Not only does she have a track record in bringing strong female characters to life, but also once she had played Valkyrie I was delighted to see that she was as excited and enthused about the project as we are.”

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