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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft's Composers Headline Nerd Fest 2014

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Jason Hayes, World of Warcraft's composer, leads a band called the Critical Hit, while the composer for the Final Fantasy series, Nobuo Uematsu, is a member of The Earthbound Papas. Both bands will be headlining the Orlando Nerd Fest 2014.


The Critical Hit formed in 2013 and have been playing live shows for the past year. Today they unveiled their latest music video in which they give their own rendition of the classic Tetris theme. They also have videos showcasing their skills with the theme from Angry Birds and The Battle for New York from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.



Nobuo Uematsu's group, The Earthbound Papas, was formed shortly after his previous band, The Black Mages, disbanded in 2010. Their music tends to be refreshing takes on Final Fantasy soundtracks, though it was reported that The Earthbound Papas might be open to performing music from other video game series or original music.



Orlando Nerd Fest will be held on August 9 in Orlando, Florida.

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