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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Issue #3 Of EVE Online's True Stories Graphic Novel Now Available

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EVE Online, the MMO famous for tales of thievery, betrayal, and massive wars, has a series of  graphic novels based on actual events set into motion and carried out by its players. Oh, and the entire run of the story is available for free until June.


EVE: True Stories, "Thieves Among Us," is set to be a four issue run. It tells the story of the dismantling of EVE Online's galactic super-power known as the Band of Brothers as seen from the perspective of the player Haargoth Agamar, who was instrumental to the empire's collapse. 


Developer CCP worked closely with Dark Horse to bring in talented writers and artists onto this series and their work shows. CCP only interfered to make sure that ship models and the language used was accurate with the EVE Online setting, otherwise writer Daniel Way and artists Tomm Coker, Alejandro Aragón, Federico Dallocchio and Daniel Warren Johnson were given free artistic reign to interpret the story. The result is one of the most interesting video game comic series to be released in quite some time. Certainly the first to be based on player events within an MMO. 


The final installment in "Thieves Among Us" will be released on April 2. From now until June, CCP has allowed the comic to be free through Dark Horse digital, meaning it can be read for free online, or via Android or iOS apps. When June swings around, the series will release as a physical hardcover of all four issues in stores and the digital versions will be available for purchase as e-books.




If you're interested in reading the comics, head over to Dark Horse Digital. You'll have to make an account, but they give you a bunch of free comics for joining, so it isn't such a bad deal. For those interested in reading more interesting stories from the EVE universe, check out CCP's True Stories forum where they have collected insanely interesting stories from their players.

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