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Hey Folks, 


     We finished a great year. Thanks agian to all involved. 

Final totals for the year. 

1710 Participants ( 2nd overall)

$260K ( 4th Overall) **I think this is a new record total for Boston Children's!!!


Guild VP Position

From the previous post, we are taking applications for the Guild VP position. 

So far we've had a few applicants, and we are looking at them. More to come.



We are not having a January meeting. 

There was no availability at our meeting space, and with the holiday response from Microsoft was too late to get in for the first week. 

Our next meeting dates are Feb 8th and Mar 8th, with a official 2017 kick off meeting aimed at first week of April.



We have table space at Arisia next weekend.  With the tables being in the same location as last year we are just going with a flyer table, unmanned.  This con was not very prodictive for us with the tables in that space. 

(I will be at Arisia all weekend and will supply the table with Flyers.)


We already have 2 cons for March!!! 

Northeast Comic Con has moved to Mar 4th/5th in Hanover.  It has been added to the calendar, once we have more details, we will update.

PAX East!!!! - I know we have a booth, and exhibitor badges.  Location will be on the floor again like last year.  Once I have final details we will update the calendar. 

Anime Boston - 3/31-4/2 - We have our normal space in the gaming room.   More details to come. 

Spring Supermegafest - Will know more in a couple weeks if we will have a space at Spring Megafest, stand by.


Looking forward to another amazing year with all of you amazing folks. 



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I'd be interested in doing a day at North East! Also, PAX since I haven't been able to do it before. :D 


We will pick up having the SNH guild members meet up at the Microsoft store for the official meetings unless there are any objections! 

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Sounds awesome!! Somehow, we have no conflict with every single con this year  (so far) so you can rely on David and I for bodies. ?

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