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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Telltale Games Divulges First Details Regarding Tales from the Borderlands

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Over the weekend, Telltale Games held a panel at SXSW where they discussed a few tantalizing tidbits from their upcoming adventure series set in the Borderlands universe.


Tales from the Borderlands is set after the events of Borderlands 2 and will follow the two new characters shown in the reveal trailer. These newcomers, Fiona and Rhys, will tell the episodic story through a series of flashbacks centered around their adventures on the planet Pandora. Given that there are two main characters, players will be able to play through events from different perspectives.



Polygon has reported that designer Harrison Pink has confirmed that there will be some of the shooting that Borderlands fans have come to expect from the franchise, just that it will be done in a "Telltale way."


Telltale is clearly aiming to have a new episodic venture with a bit more of a lighthearted tone. Tales from the Borderlands seeks to capture some of the spirit from Tales of Monkey Island and set itself apart from grim and  gritty worlds of The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead.



What do you think? Are you guys ready for a Borderlands adventure game or do you think that it is better left as a gun-filled loot fest?

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