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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Nintendo Teams up with Tecmo Koei for a New Zelda Game

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Nintendo announced today that they would be working with the  Dynasty Warriors developer to create what has been tentatively titled Hyrule Warriors.


We don't know many details about Hyrule Warriors, but from the announcement trailer it appears that the title will have mechanics that will feel familiar to Dynasty Warriors players, such as a combo meter, super moves, and a variety of weapons with which to decimate foes. The locations, enemies, and tools of combat will be familiar to Zelda fans.


Hyrule Warriors is expected to release on the Wii U sometime in 2014.



This is a pretty great mash-up of two franchises that could actually result in something pretty amazing. It actually makes sense that a Link armed with a sword that shoots magic, infinite bombs, and all sorts of magical gear would be able to take on armies of enemies.Dynasty Warriors isn't know for innovation or intriguing gameplay, but if Nintendo lends a hand with some of the design elements this could be pretty good.

What do you think?

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