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Yesterday, Microsoft, free of discussing hardware and the non-gaming aspects of its system, focused squarely on the games. If you weren't able to watch the event yourself, don't have the time, or just plain don't feel like watching it, we've got you covered. In this overview we briefly describe and link various parts of the press conference for your convenience.


Price and Release Window for Xbox One

The two big questions on everybody's mind was how much was this thing going to cost and when to give Microsoft their money. Both questions were answered.


Kinect Sports Rivals


Before the conference even began in earnest, Microsoft announced Kinect Sports Rivals on the Spike TV pre-news conference coverage. The title will be developed by Rare for the Xbox One and will release sometime this holiday season.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Microsoft opened the press conference not with a word, but with a brand new look at Metal Gear Solid V which showed off new features, locations, weather conditions, and characters.


Game Plan for the Xbox 360

After the Metal Gear bombshell, Microsoft went on to explain the future of the Xbox 360, promising hundreds of games and focusing on three of the big ones: former PC exclusive World of Tanks, Max, the Curse of Brotherhood, and Dark Souls II.


Eleven Exclusive Titles

After getting most of the nitty gritty out of the way, the creators of the Xbox One went on to detail a number of the exclusives that will be available for the system in the near future, some at launch.


No More MS Points

Microsoft has decided to ditch the Microsoft Points system in favor of using real currency, probably because they realized having an alternate currency was just serving to confuse people out of buying their products online.


The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Though previously announced, CD Projekt confirmed that the game would be an open world, utilize optional voice commands, and that SmartGlass could be used to manage inventory and character progression.


Battlefield 4

A live demo was shown of the game, beginning on a sinking aircraft carrier and moving into a boat assault on a larger vessel. Microsoft confirmed that the first map DLC will be available on Xbox One before it is released anywhere else.


Live Streaming and Gameplay Recording Details

Microsoft clarified some aspects of how it will allow gamers to live stream their gameplay via Twitch and how gamers will be able to save, edit and record their non-streamed gameplay.



Below appears to be a promising indie title about exploring the underground areas of a mysterious island and it comes from the same people that created the game and music of Sword and Sworcery. Keep your eye on this one.




Minecraft made its appearance to confirm that it would indeed be on the Xbox One, that the level size would increase, and that multiplayer capabilities would be greatly expanded upon.


Black Tusk's Secret Project

To be honest, we weren't shown more than a brief glimpse of the game before the conference moved on. All we know about it is that it is a next-gen title.



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