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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Papo & Yo Developer Teases Silent Enemy

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Minority Media, the Canadian developer behind the critically praised indie title Papo & Yo, is gearing up for its next game titled Silent Enemy. Like Papo & Yo which tackled issues surrounding domestic abuse and alcoholism, Silent Enemy will also deal difficult subject matter: Bullying.


The teaser reveals a few tantalizing details about the game. Silent Enemy is set in the Great North of Quebec. It tasks players with finding springtime, while crows try to impede player progress. The teaser places a heavy emphasis on character design for the crows (which you can see above), the representations of bullies within the game. A few seconds of gameplay footage imply that action will take place from a top-down perspective. The protagonist of Silent Enemy will be the team’s first Aboriginal main character, though they promise it will not be their last. While no official platforms have been announced, there is a shot in the teaser of an Xbox 360 controller, leading to a certain degree of speculation that the title will be coming to Xbox Live.



Given that Papo & Yo was originally a PSN exclusive, it is highly likely that Silent Enemy will also be released on the PlayStation Network. The teaser makes it abundantly clear that Silent Enemy comes out of a deeply personal place and carries importance to everyone involved with its production.

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