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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Arkane Studios Shares Prey Gameplay

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The developers of Dishonored 2 revealed a tantalizing 9 minutes of gameplay showcasing Prey. Their upcoming project takes place on a space station that has come under attack by mysterious, shadowy being with the ability to manipulate the world around themselves in mind-bending ways. By surviving, crafting, and upgrading themselves with human and alien abilities, players might just be able to make it out alive.


Creative director Raphael Colantonio and lead designer Ricardo Bare narrate the gameplay trailer, which demonstrates some of the basic combat and uses for weapons outside of fighting. Prominently featured is the glue gun, which can freeze tricky mimics in place, but also create platforms to climb on and a way to plug flaming pipes. We also are able to see how gameplay will work when you can turn yourself into any environmental object, like a cup. The ability combinations are already intriguing and only a handful have even been revealed - from an extensive catalog, if the skill trees are to be believed. 



The whole thing feels an awful lot like System Shock, right down to the wrench the protagonist carries to fend off enemies at the start. If what we are essentially going to be getting a polished BioShock in space experience, I am all in on that idea. 


Prey launches sometime in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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