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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Thatgamecompany Teases Thatnextgame

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Thatgamecompany, known for their artist-oriented projects like Journey and Flower, teased their next game with a series of tweets yesterday. The studio created a new Twitter account, called @Thatnextgame, and tweeted out a series of three images before confirming that Thatnextgame was the working title of their next project. 


The images reinforce cloud-like aesthetic and hint at a central theme of passing the torch on to future generations. The first image, a candle leaning over to light another came with the message that the upcoming indie title would be "a game about giving." This sentiment was repeated by Jenova Chen in the brief blog post announcing Thatnextgame. 




The next two images weren't accompanied by text. The picture to follow the two candles was an image of what can best be described as cloud-children holding hands. They flow together and appear to be skipping or playing.




The final image takes a more grounded approach, depicting a mysterious archway with a starburst painted above it - a starburst mirrored in the sky above. Clouds roil above, hinting at where Thatnextgame might take players. 




A final tweet summed up all three images together and came with the message, "We hope you’ll enjoy @thatnextgame, and in the meantime we’re hiring."


Thatnextgame's account describes it as a multiplatform, multiplayer game. Vincent Diamante, the composer who worked on Flower and Skullgirls, will be returning to lend his considerable skills to Thatnextgame's soundtrack.


It's great to see Thatgamecompany back with another game. Following the release of Journey it was revealed that the company has bankrupted itself to create the indie game sensation. The future of the company was up in the air until they were able to secure $7 million in investment funds from a Chinese firm. Here is hoping they don't have to bankrupt their company again to finish Thatnextgame.

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