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Nick Prosper

Shaving head live and donating hair to kids

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We are only days away!! WHO IS EXCITED!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


So this is the 5th year myself and my team of gamers have gotten together. There is 15+ of us each year.


For the 5th year milestone I set a PERSONAL goal of $2,000. I am nowhere near it. BUT...if I hit that goal, I will not only have a great gaming support for kids, but I will be shaving my head live on my 24 hour stream, and also recording so it can be uploaded to YouTube for those who may miss the live broadcast.


Its a far fetched idea, but I do this charity for my daughter who receives treatment and will require a surgery in her lifetime on her heart.


My page is available here if you want to be brave enough like I am! hair is long! I let it grow for 5 years and I fundraise to donate to children. Lets not miss the goal this year!


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