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Meeting Minutes 10-23-16

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Extra Life Guild meeting minutes 10-23-16


Meeting and pizza celebration at Ardent brewery started at 3:30 pm


Members present

Jillian R

Keith W

Bobby F






1. Updates on numbers from 2015 at this time:

$17,072 raised; 264 players



$16,728 raised; 228 players


We’re pretty much on point! Get the word out and post to social media!


2. Bobby hosted a stream with a CHoR patient, Ali on Oct 14.  She was born 13 weeks premature, but is now eight years old. She’s been a patient at CHoR since birth and she participated with Bobby on stream on Oct. 14. In only 30 minutes she raised $140 dollars and has pledged to participate in Extra Life this year!


3. Jill and Keith will be at two years on the Guild leadership team, and Bobby will be entering into his second year. We need some fresh volunteers for the leadership team. Be considering who may be a good fit to participate for 2017, as Jill and Keith will be stepping down. Bobby may consider stepping into role as president, so we will have a VP and secretary position available.


4. Good luck on your Extra Life marathon this year. Wherever you may be gaming, please have fun and be safe! Be sure to send pics to the group so we can keep track of what everyone is up to this year!

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