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Extra Life Buffalo Discord

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Heya again Just wanted to let you know we do have a Discord Server. Extra Life really wants us to communicate here. But here's a alternative if you want to have a VOIP when gaming together. This platform can be used on PC/MAC via browser or application also on Android and Iphone at https://discord.gg/011rnCl1cNfIfHzUS


Again this is a alternative why to make sure if you need to get a message out quickly, without going on Facebook Messenger. Extra Life wants to keep the forums active so most of themy posts for broadcasting advice will be here. Make sure you connect your accounts on Discord ( Twitch, Youtube, Battle.net, etc. ) so we know when you stream. I want it to make a announcement to alert each other when we are live. ATM I see Jaime Damien and Eddie Sinka streaming. This platform is really great!


Edits will be on this to let you know updates on Discord server..


-Shamanom (Sham)

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