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A little short notice, but we secured the UNF Ballroom for our marathon. Saturday, November 5th, 10am-midnight. Set up at 10am, marathon from 11am to 11pm, clean up until midnight.


We'll have a 3 hour block at Microsoft Store at Town Center for those that want to hop over for a bit.


Afterparty at Chicago Pizza at the Landing downtown!


You must be registered if you want a spot. IF YOU ARE BRINGING A SYSTEM YOU MUST ADD YOUR MAC ADDRESS. We need those a few days prior: http://cmnjax.com/extra-life/


Food will be provided by Carrabba's and Chicago Pizza!!


Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1288560341156199/


Stream schedule COMING SOON

(for those that have already expressed interest in being featured on our main twitch channel)
Theme hours COMING SOON

(We need ideas!)
Food schedule COMING SOON


Any questions, concerns please don't hesitate to reply or PM me!

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I really want to do this, but cannot get the day off from work since the schedule has already been approved by corporate and because of people taking vacation time. I have to be at work by 2pm that day. Would it be a problem if I leave close to that time? Also, I would come back to help clean up. I get off around 10:15 that night.

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It's not a problem at all! Come out and join us for however long you can! Are you coming to Chicago Pizza with us after the marathon??

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Alright. Thank you, I will. ^^ Like I said, after work I will come back and help clean up, so I guess I will. XD

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