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Hey Everybody. 


    So we've officially had out last event before Game Day. 

We finished strong with about 40 sign ups at Supermegafest. A great Job to all that volunteered this weekend.

@Chi, @Kelsey, @DMo2TheMax, @PotatoTaco,@3dge, @aradiadarling and David!!

We still have one more con in Dec (3rd/4th) but being after game day, this is our game with the public con. (Northeast Comic Con)

We will be there to keep awareness up and to just have fun with the crowd.


This year has seemed challenging.  Some shows we had to really push for sign ups, others we had a suprising reponse. 

All in all, we had great efforts from everyone.  Thanks to all.  Its you guys that make us so successful every year. 

With that being said, we're not done by a long shot. 

Even though we've had our last event that we are recruiting at, we can all still spread the word and try and get participants to sign up in our daily lives. 

Also, now is the time to switch or put most of your focus on your fundraising.  Make sure you're gettign your links out there to family and friends. 

You can still get your donations in through 12/31 via your pages, but any offline donations have to be in by the end of November , I believe in order to be processed by the end of the year totals. 


Before the Supermegafest additions were stitting at 1249 participants as oif this morning. 2nd place to WA (1800) and ust above CA (1226)

Lets keep up the push to sign people up.

We won't be having a meeting prior to game day and we'll most likely take December off to recoup and rest. We'll look to schedule somethign early Jan to celebrate and tout our totals. 


Until then, push on, keep signing people up, keep psuhing fundraising and then in 2 weeks...... Game on!!!

Thank you all for an great hard worked year!!!  #FTK!!!!!




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