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24-Hour Charity Marathon (my game day)

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I will be holding a 24-hour Extra-Life Marathon the weekend of November 11th, alongside Veterans' Day. This will be my Game day. The stream to start Friday the 11th at 4PM and go on to Saturday the 12th, 4PM. Scheduled breaks will occur (some unscheduled, depending on my own ability to stay hyper). Games on the menu are up in the air at this point, but I'm gathering them. I do need interactive chat members and temporary moderators. I will also have a drawing segment to commemorate the stream towards the last 4 hours. This stream will be kids friendly, with myself dressed up as Pandish, my mascot. The games will also be kid friendly so there is a needs list. If you can fulfill any of these roles and are available on Friday - Saturday, let me know.


Moderators - Can be taken in shifts. Must monitor chats. Clear lines of text that may be offensive, provide warnings to the poster via PM, and if they continue, ban. Two chances, and you're out is the rule. No external links outside of what's programmed with the bot. I will talk about your local or online events related to Children's if you give me a heads up.


4 PM - 10 PM

10 PM - 4 AM

 4 AM - 10 AM

10AM - 4 PM (Closing ceremonies may run longer)


Casual Chatters and those who can keep the (twitch.tv/siddichan) channel open for the duration of the show. More -concurrent- viewers and chatters mean more exposure to the cause on Twitch search. 


Discord buddies - On and off, Discord events will start up where you can come in to chat. I did send an email to Jane and Alyssa at Children's about possible interviews. If you would like to be interviewed, throw me a PM via Discord and tell me the 5 W's.  (Discord Link - feel free to join the community shenanigans) The interview slots will be based on availability. I am searching for Miracle families to interview and share their stories over Skype, or other.


I will update this thread as necessary. Thanks!


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Game day is tomorrow for me! I am so excited! I have interviews set up with our lovely Alyssa from Children's, a stage development dev of the up and coming Siege Hammer title (VR/non VR playable) as well as a possible dev from The Land of Eyas. Giveaways will occur following the interviews and when we reach certain monumental goals or points in the show. It will be a total of 25 hours instead of 24! I'm also excited to announce that Chris Hayes will be giving us an update on his setup live on Saturday, so I can let the viewers know there are local efforts made for the hospital! Programming guide will be available in the channel come tomorrow. I hope to see some of you there!

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