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Final Pre-Game-Day Meeting - November 1st!

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Hey Folks!


The make-up meeting for September/October, and the final pre-game-day meeting will be happening on Tuesday, November 1st at 6pm!


Let's break down the sweet deets!


What: At this meeting we'll be discussing the following: 

  1. Children's Hospital event happening on the morning of Friday the 4th, from 10am-12pm (details here!)
  2. Events happening at Project Play and The Market (TBC) on game-day, November 5th! (also details here!)
  3. Game-Day Strategies
  4. Streaming Tips and How-Tos
  5. Last-minute Recruitment

Where:  Children's Health Foundation HQ, at 345 Westminister Avenue (Link here: 

When: Tuesday, November 1st; 6pm-8pm

Why: It's a great way to encourage yourself to kick your fundraising and overall participation into high-gear! There may also be food (to be confirmed, you gluttons).

Who: You (and anyone that you game with that may want some tips!)


We also need your help for a few game-day (and pre-game-day) events! If you haven't yet, check out Nicole's thread here: 



If you have any questions, ask 'em below. We look forward to providing any more details here as they become available.







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I'll be there as well.   I will have already done 24 hours (I'm doing that this weekend) and I'll be doing another 24 on the 12/13 but I can help with the booth on the 5th or 6th.


Also I just found out that there's contest going on for highest fundraising area?  Which ever hospital wins gets an additional $30,000...   I checked the Per Capita one and we are 290,000 behind in getting to top spot, so perhaps it's something to aim for next year.

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