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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - 25hr Game Day 2016

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Hey guys!

Our annual 25hr gaming is soon upon us! It's gonna be a long event and we're going to need all the help we can get! If you'd like to volunteer on game day please email me with the following information:

***Information to be sent to maria@extralifetoronto.com

  • Full name
  • Top 3 positions you are interested in
  • Volunteer times you are available
    • The event runs from Nov 5 12:00PM - Nov 6 12:00PM


Open Volunteer Positions:

Front door
- Taking donation money
- Selling raffle tickets (inputting them into app)
- Traffic controller - helping to guide people where to go, introduce them to groups if they are alone and want to join in on games

Board game library
- Someone to help the Riddle Room staff coordinate in-take and lending out of games
- Possibly helping to teach games

VR headsets (we are charging a small fee to play 30 min time intervals)
- Overseeing the headsets, load the software/games, teach them what to do, and keep track of the 30 min intervals.

Auction items/Nerdblocks
-Assisting the auction
-Someone to guard the blocks/hand the out to participants when leaving.

Stream Assist
*TBD if needed

*TBD if needed


Hope you guys can help out!

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