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Jack Gardner

Fundraising: Announcing Super Teams

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Super Teams are HERE!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Super Teams! This new feature presents a way for incredibly large, user-driven teams like Twitch or Rooster Teeth to give their communities more identity and tools to mobilize more effectively.

“What are Super Teams?” I hear you ask. Good question! Basically, a Super Team is one large team composed of many smaller teams. You can kind of think of it as the Extra Life equivalent of inception, except, you know, with teams. Team-ception!   

We are rolling out Super Teams for the following community partners during the initial test run:


(Currently with 659 players and 48 sub-teams)



(Currently with 260 players and 16 sub-teams)



(Currently with 139 players and 1 sub-team)


(Currently with 128 players and 18 sub-teams)


This new form of team will help large teams break up into more personalized sub-teams while remaining under the umbrella of their organization and contributing to the collective Super Team fundraising goal. For example, if you were feeling lost in the crowd as part of a massive team like Reddit last year, you can now create your own sub-team within the Reddit Super Team or join a specific subreddit sub-team (and then eat a delicious sub sandwich).

We see Super Teams as a win for both our larger community partners and the Extra Lifers within those extensive communities who can now organize more effectively in their social circles. The new team structure aims to facilitate community building on a larger scale than was possible for the incredibly massive teams that have participated in years past.

Want to Join a Super Team?

If you are wondering how to get involved in a sub-team, creating or joining one couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is head over to one of the Super Team pages and browse the existing sub-teams or click the ‘Create a Sub-Team’ button to start the process. If you have no interest in the sub-teams and just want to join the Super Team’s core team, that’s still a valid option, too!

If you’ve already created a team and want to merge it into an existing sub-team, fill out this form and we’ll have your team moved over as soon as we can.   

Looking toward 2017 and beyond, Super Teams will be an option available to community partners. We have a vision of Super Teams uniting major companies and industry giants across the United States and Canada to harness their reach for the kids in hospitals who can’t help themselves. 

Comment below and tell us what Super Teams you would like to see join!

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