I'd announced this last year (http://community.extra-life.org/forums/topic/2755-donation-tracker-for-linux-streamers/), but realized that it should work just fine with Mac and Windows as it does with Linux.   A few days ago I got my first feature request on github:   https://github.com/djotaku/ELDonationTracker   (Aw! I've got big-boy project now!)   Planed for this year: I'll be closing out that issue by adding in Team support. Fixing the formatting so that money has 2 decimal places instead of just one. I'll be switching to functional programming (vs the current script-like) to prepare for a GUI I don't know if I'll get to a GUI this year, but I'm willing to merge code to do so. Why a GUI? I'd like to model it after @bfinleyui's utility where he has a main window that shows what's in the text files so that you don't need to open them all up to do a sanity check that it's pulling the correct data. He also has a second window he can spawn that's all black (for chroma key) that will update with a "DONATION Person's name - AMOUNT" that can be used in OBS or XSplit to let people know there are donations as they come in.He also allows you to use a JPEG or PNG along with it a la SteamAlerts. If I make a GUI it'll most likely be QTQuick for Linux as I have experience with that. I know both QT and GTK+ can also work on Windows, but if someone wanted to write a native WIndows client, that would work as well. It'd be nice if it worked with Python bindings so that the user doesn't have to compile anything to use the GUI. I know I can do that in Linux. Not sure about Windows.   Anything else you'd like to see? Feel free to file issues. Able to code GUIs? Feel free to join the project!