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Jack Gardner

Gaming News:Google Announces Daydream View, Their Answer to VR

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Google has officially unveiled their new VR product. Titled Daydream View, their VR device operates similarly to Samsung's Gear VR. Customers insert their smart phone into the device and use it as the VR screen. It doesn't seem to be something that will be in direct competition with dedicated VR platforms like Oculus, PSVR, or the HTC Vive, but it comes with the significantly smaller price tag of $80. This puts it at a slightly cheaper price than Samsung's device that also makes use of smart phones. 


The Daydream View will come with a single, small motion-controller to help play VR games and apps. It's compatible with Google's recently announced Pixel phone or "any Daydream-ready phone." Google has been understandably cagey about that last part; they want to sell their Pixel phone after all. Turns out that not many smart phones on the market are ready for what Google considers Daydream-ready. In fact, only one phone has actually been given that stamp of approval: Google's own Pixel. Rumors are swirling that advanced phones like ZTE's Axon 7 will be made compatible at a later date, but when the Pixel launches it will be the first one ready for Google's Daydream View. 



Google has said that the device will have over 50 apps available by the end of the year and hundreds more in the future. Daydream View officially launches sometime in November. It will be interesting to see how successful a cheaper competitor to the Gear VR will fare on the open market this holiday season. While it won't have the horsepower to compete with its beefier PC and console cousins, Daydream could open the door to more casual, mobile VR experiences. 


What do you think? Will you be picking up one of these contraptions next month?

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