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Hello Guild Members!

Sorry for the new thread. I couldn't post in the Intro thread for some reason. My name is Thomas, and 2014 was my first Extra Lift Game Day! I'd like to raise more money for EL than last year, so I'm getting a head start. I'd also like to get to meet some fellow members as well, and possibly visit Children's Health Center in DC to help brighten kids' day!

I've been gaming since NES, and have the following:


- PC

- PS3

- Xbox 360

- Xbox One (Titanfall, Destiny, CoD: AW)

I mostly play Titanfall, but just picked up Advanced Warfare due to a discount @ Best Buy. I prefer Titanfall's multi-player style over COD's "run, die, respawn" MO.

EDIT: My intro was posted to the Introductions thread finally. So, this can be deleted if needed. Thanks!

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