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Games for Marathoning

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Hey folks, so we have the streaming tutorial coming up next week. Out of curiosity what are people thinking of playing for the actual marathon in November itself?


Personally, as the guys at BVG definitely know by now, I got my Japanese copy of Persona 5 today so I'll probably play that the entire time (also inserting various Harry Potter references, people who know what Persona 5 is about will get it).

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Sorry I didn't respond to this earlier but I find that the team I'm on play a lot of multiplayer games until 2am at which point things start to go to individual streams until we hit 8am and then we start with the multiplayer stuff again.


Last year we played:

- Garry's Mod

- Ark: Survival Evolved

- JackBox Party Pack 2

- Civ V

- Worms Revolution

- Viscera Cleanup Detail


I played on my own,

- Closure

- Bastion

- Kerbal Space Program


Probably a few others in both those groups that I don't remember...

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