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Hey everyone!

A few people have already asked, and for those that were in attendance at our meeting, this past Wednesday, you’re already aware, but I wanted to go into detail about our plans for the 24-hour marathon this year.  November 5th is fast approaching and I know that some people are already making plans.  This may be a little lengthy, so I’ll just get straight to it!

In short, we will not be hosting a large public event this year.  This is for a few reasons….


  1. Finding large venues that can accommodate 100+ people come at a significant cost to the hospital. Last year it took a tremendous amount of work for the leadership team to find a venue that was big enough, had internet, and was available for more than 24 hours.  Even though we negotiated a discount, the venue still came at a very large financial cost to the hospital.  Although we did an amazing job with our fundraising, this year the hospital is understandably not very enthusiastic about spending the same amount of money.  They have also pointed out that while hosting a large gathering like last year is a great time, it’s not required by the program, creates a lot of work and actually isn’t something that most guilds do.
  2. As most of you know, our VP, Marcus aka @MajorLinux and his lovely wife are expecting a new-born any day now.(Actually at the time I type this, any minute!)  Obviously, life is about to change drastically for them both and Marcus is about to have a whole different set of priorities.  He has put in an incredible amount of effort to support Extra Life this year, as he always has.  He deserves some time off…if you call taking care of a new-born time off!  Thank you for everything you've done, sir!
  3. My dad is turning 70 on November 7th. Obviously, it’s going to be a big celebration.  What’s making it even more special is that I have family coming in from out of town.  Most of you know that my family lives all over the world.  Scotland, Los Angeles and Australia!  Family gatherings are a very rare thing in my life, so I’m sure everyone will understand that my priorities lie with them that weekend.


Finally, as I stated at our meeting, I’m fully confident that this will have no effect whatsoever on our fundraising.  At the end of the day, this program is about as raising as much money as possible for the kids at Duke Children’s Hospital.   Most of us started out participating in Extra Life with just a small group of friends and were able to do an incredible amount of fundraising for the hospital by organizing smaller events with our friends and family.  This year, I encourage everyone to do the same.  Just because we can’t all get together on November 5th doesn’t mean that we’re not going to smash our goal of $15,000 as a guild!  


I’m disappointed that we can’t do a big event this year, I really am!  Just ask @MajorLinux, @SobeDog007 and @Kommander Keri.  Unfortunately, due to nobody’s fault, we simply don’t have the resources or the means to do it. Again, I hope everyone is understanding to the unique circumstances this year. 

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!  I’ll see you all online on November 5th!


For the kids,


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